My academic Digital Footprint

Here, I have curated my scientific publications as well as features and interviews.


1. Moderating cellular inflammation using 2-dimensional titanium carbide MXene and graphene variants

2. Advances in Nanostructured Carbons for Biomedical Applications

3. MXene Sorbents for Removal of Urea from Dialysate – a Step Towards the Wearable Artificial Kidney

4. Rapid adsorption of inflammatory cytokines by graphene nanoplatelets and their composites for extracorporeal detoxification

5. Open Research: Much Ado About Nothing? (Science Communication Article)

Features and Interviews

Featured on the Biotech Hub blog as a STEMM Role Model – STEMM Role Models _ Tochukwu Ozulumba

Featured on the University of Brighton’s International Women’s Day 2019 campaign – Who is your inspirational woman? (skip to 4:31).

Wrote about my experience attending the 2018 Cumberland Lodge Life Beyond the PhD Conference here.

Interview with the Soapbox Science Brighton team – Nothing happens without a cause: Meet Tochukwu Ozulumba

Featured on the University of Brighton’s website about my participation in Soapbox Science – Soapbox Scientist

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